Cancer sucks.

Cancer patients often need to spend weeks at a time in the hospital getting treatment. Sometimes the hardest part about being in the hospital is boredom, loneliness, and feelings of hopelessness. TeamoTherapy aims to help mitigate those feelings through video games! TeamoTherapy is a Baltimore-based 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides consoles, controllers, and video games for cancer patients in local hospitals. TeamoTherapy also regularly live streams at to fund raise and garner more attention to the cause within the gaming community.

Our TeamoTherapy Team


Co-founder and Chief Executive Gamer

I’m Andrew and I’m an oncology (cancer) nurse who loves to game! My idea to bring video games to cancer patients stems from actual experiences I’ve had while working in the hospital on cancer units. Playing video games with my patients provided a much needed escape for them, from thinking about their diagnoses, from their anxieties about treatment, and from their illness. I’ve seen first-hand how even a brief reprieve from the bleak nature the hospital can boost a patient’s morale. Taking the time to inject fun into the hospital setting can improve the perspective and mental health of a patient. This pause from reality can be such a powerful thing when dealing with something like cancer. I hope to share my passion for oncology and video games with patients all over the world!


Co-founder and Chief Operating Gamer

I’m Brandon and I’ve played video games all my life. Some of my fondest memories involve playing video games with my friends, just laughing and having fun together. My best friend Andrew and I believe that sometimes what people really need is positivity, fun, and escape from life’s hardships. We feel that we can make a meaningful impact by bringing these things to people who need them the most. My goal is to create positive memories with patients during a time when they could be suffering the most, and to provide a platform where they can be seen and supported by the gaming community!